Monday, July 26, 2010

update on 24 hour zine thing

So I've started doing my zine today and decided on a theme which is FLYING!

such a great subject in my opinion and a superb obsession of mine i must say

haha... hmm i dont really know what else to say on it because i guess that's it! here's the cover and maybe it'll be distro'd or whatnot or maybe not, i'm just enjoying making it and being apart of this 24 hour zine thing :P

ps. i coloured in the cover red before i figured out what i was gonna make it about or else i probably most likely wouldv coloured it blue to obviously resemble the sky, but whatevs :)


  1. Cool!

    you should check these out they are really, incredibly, impossibly, good to read :)

    btw: did u get NZ?

  2. sweet! will do
    hmm, no i did not sorry..?