Thursday, March 31, 2011

i havent blogged in awhile, sorry about that.
I'm lazy and depressed 80% of the time and that wastes a lot of the precious time we have on this earth so i'm trying to change that.
i havent been up to a lot, although i did see the opening of Miso's new solo show last night at No Vacancy Project space in the atrium of fed square, free beer as always yeahhh.
apart from that i've been reading - harry potter, culture on sexuality and comics like spiderman and captain america
also been playing tony hawk's underground on playstation 2, yup, my life isnt all that eventful
i've also been watching it crowd, movies and scrubs, laugh laugh laughs needed.
i have been going through a pile of drawings and writings/poems that have been scribbled/neglected and left over the years and i've finally gotten through both piles so now i'm free to actually work on something from my head, not just from some idea that was scribbled on a piece of paper years ago. that un-motivates me yet excites me at the same time, im not sure...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To you.

1. Gisele - I'll always be here and that's what makes it hurt the most, that my heart refuses to let go of you because it believes this can work. It believes it can mend your heart and your thoughts. I believes it can take your confusion and indecision away, somehow, like magic. My feet walk all over the place but my head is still in this, where it began. It doesn't want to leave because it is, i am, in love with you.

2. Tahlia - I can't wait to see you Monday. I love cinema nova and going back there for the first time this year will be a great joy for me and hopefully for you also. I hope we can be hopless romantics together and run the streets with sparklers. If you're not a hopeless romantic like me, fret not, I will teach you ;)

3. Ivana Stab - I read your zines, I keep track of your tumblr. I plan to send you a package when I grab your new Victoria address from a zine of yours somehow. I'd like to be your friend. I don't have many so I would count it as a fantastic idea. I'm fucked up but aren't we all?

4. Lil - my dearest twin, I love you.

5. To all my fifteen year old friends, especially the ones that have my tumblr - I cannot wait until you reach the age of 18 (and please do) because if i'm not too much of an old man by then I really wanna go out for beers with you guys :) I want to become better friends with you when you mature into young adults because I believe we could have an even better connection than (even though the one we have now is amazin!) we do at the moment. I cannot wait because it will be so radsome to watch you kiddos grow into awesome human units.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I had to get a blood test today and i'm more than certain that it is worse to dread them as opposed to actually receiving one

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna leave a scar. - Marilyn Manson

People can read everything and not believe anything.
There's so much more to life than these four walls

Friday, March 11, 2011


Last year I went to this and still have the fresh memory of dancing to Yves Klein Blue and it being fun and awesome. I also got my mosh on a bit to Behind Crimson Eyes and I think Carpathian also, was radsome.

But THIS YEAR, I look forward to having fun with my best friend, Quinton, who i went with last year. I'm also looking forward to Last Dinosaurs in the hope that they play 'Honolulu'because it's such a groovy song. The rest I'm just looking for a good time :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friggin Mad Ass Artist Part 4

I recieved a zine by this person through a ten dollar grab bag from Bird In The Hand zine shop. Awesome!

I did get my rsa by the way :)

World's Greatest Shave: Part One - Shaving.

So I used to have a 'sort of'' mohawk.
My hair was shaved like a mohawk but it wasnt thin enough to put up
But this time i went ahead and shaved it thinner and shaved my over grown sides also!
And now i have a proper mohawk!

I'll be bleaching it and dyeing it later today :)

will keep you updated ^.^

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hopefully getting my RSA tonight :) :) :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Scanner is Officially Crap.

Just something I've been working on the last couple of weeks


(I do not know why i was typing like that)
I bought Rabid Rabbits from Sticky Zine Fair but received Millenial Monsters inthe mail last week including a free sticker and badge which made it even more exciting having gotten mail!!!
If you are a fan of comics I suggest you check out both of them. They're very much worth the small dollars to purchase them off Frank's etsy :)