Monday, February 21, 2011

ah geez it didnt come out clear enough

This is my 'business card'. I like to leave it on trams, trains and even public toilets and anywhere else i may be and then leave ten minutes later :P

Sunday, February 13, 2011


So the zine fair was AWESOME.
I met Ivana Stab, creater of ''Watch him bleed'' and the past ''feels like friday''. She has actually moved down here to Melbourne from NSW!!! too cool.
I also met Chloe Venom, maker of ''Hello Stupid'' zine. I bought issue one and LOVED IT.
Tim Train, Orange, Aaron Matthew and heaps of cool people were there and i had soo much fun.

I still have copies left over from the day so i will be stocking them in Sticky soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Random and fun goodness

Gotta enjoy Adult Swim Games ;)

Crystal Castles, January 28th.

Some Bruises and A Nice long Scab are the souvenirs I have taken away from the gig.

I saw the wonderful Alice (even though she had broken her ankle) at The Palace theatre in Melbourne. It was hot, shouldn't have dressed up ( docs, stockings, short shorts, shirt, vest and bowler hat) lol...

BUT, they did play Crimewave and i discovered that jumping/moshing to CC is funnnnnn, although i did feel like i was suffocating at one point. ha, mad.


Worlds Greatest Shave 2011

Worlds Greatest Shave 2011
SO I'm participating in this, yeah!!

I will be shaving the sides of my head and dying the top of it...I'm not sure what colour to dye it yet so if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to comment on this post ;)

This procedure will be occurring on the first day of the event WGS which is the 10th of March.

If you would like to sponsor me feel free or obliged to click on 'World's Greatest Shave 2011' that is at the top of this post (not the title).

Thankyou for reading and i urge you to also be a bad-ass and shave/colour :)