Friday, June 17, 2011

Sticky Boo

a) I will be volunteering at Sticky institute tomorrow from 2-5:30 so come visit!

b) i will be putting in BOO # 8 when i get there :)


Monday, June 13, 2011

come say howdy :)

Chasing Hot Air Balloons #8

Tonight i think i have finished chasing hot air balloons issue 8! that is i mean i have typed it all up, putting it altogether is the next step.

if you have any of my chasing hot air balloons zines you would know that they're pretty much made up of my ramblings and drawings. But this issue will be bigger and thicker and better for all the world to see! maybe not the entire world but yougetwhati'msaying...i always wanted 'chab' to be a perzine so in this next issue i'm going for that. i share my story from over the past four to five years and what that entails so i hope it works out okay.

i aimed to release it in July for international zine month so hopefully i will. i shall keep ya'll posted.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Page Parlour

So, Melbourne's Emerging Writer's festival ended yesterday with their events 15 Minutes of Fame and also The Page Parlour which I myself amongst many other tableholders were in.
It is a zine event/zine fair but is kinda turning into an event where its mainly tableholders of literary magazines/anthologies or journals, although fellow zeensters were there that i knew!
The day was actually pretty slow, last year i would say was much better for me, personally and zine-wise. I met a lot of people and sold a lot of my zines, but the opposite occurred this year. still, i had an alright time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Chasing Hot Air Balloons issues 4 - 7
Kevin The Millipede
Laugh Until Your Brain Pops Out

Are all now in stock at Sticky Institute :)

Go grab'em!


Disposable Camera, Autumn issue 2010

Vanessa Berry writers about her genie bottles and how rabbits have become a part of anarchy, fighting for their lives from poisonous carrotts.

it's well written as usual and will keep you glued for a good ten minutes or so.

quarter sized with a thought map at the middle page with drawings, Vanessa takes us on a fun adventure yet again.

Get it from aticky here.

i feel i'm no good at reviews yet i feel a need to do them so i can practicewriting and smoothing out my words until i get it right.

But is there right and wrong in writing? Who knows.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

International Zine Month

Its international zine month in July and you know what that means? FUN; tons of it.
Now, I figure since some of you may or may not know what this entails or what to get up to, fret not, I have looked it up and found some things everyone can do, BIG or small. I personally will be getting my hands dirty by making some zine t-shirts! I used to make personal t-shirts a few years ago with my own designs but I though I would come up with some groovy zine related designs and put them on a t-shirt or jumper. It’s fun if you like stencilling, or if you just like to use a paintbrush. The trick is to buy some fabric paint or if you can’t find some, go to your local art store, buy some normal acrylic paint and mix it with some textile medium that should be stocked there also.
With a little help from Alex Wrekk - the champion zeenster - on her site that is nicely named “international Zine Month” I have come up with an idea to also make some badges in participation with international zine month. I suggest that we gather together on a day in July at Sticky and come up with some rad badge ideas to make! Sound delightful?
If that’s not your thing maybe you can do something within your local library by starting a zine library - or donate to one already in existence - or holding a workshop, a zine reading or a zinefest.
Another thing Alex suggests is to write a letter to every zine you read. Now I believe if anyone’s collection of zines compares to mine, that is a lot of letters. But this isn’t a new idea for me, I’m sure you –like myself – write letters to zeensters all the time. But for international zine month I’m going to make it a goal to send more out nonetheless! Also trades! Don’t we love them? Trades are a brilliant idea to do in July – not to mention every month anyway- and maybe even meet someone new and awesome!
I don’t blog on my zine blog a lot but if you do have one, maybe try what I’m doing and post some zine reviews. It’s always nice to get your mind jogging on some vocabulary and zine-age.
If you are working on a new issue of your zine why not make it a goal to release it in July? I am currently working on my 8th issue of chasing hot air balloons and my 3rd issue of Scribbler, so I aim to have them out by July.
I got the idea of ‘crafternoons’ from Amber Forrester who makes the amazing culture slut and fight boredom zines. The idea is to get a bunch of friends together to be creative, cutting and pasting, making zines, making drawings and simply being creative and having fun, getting to know the art side of your friends. So do it! Whether it is double digits or just you and your best friend, either way you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself.
Something I like to make a habit of is leaving my ‘business’ cards at random places. My business card is basically a metlink card with my contact numbers and sites/email on it but fret not, someone may come across it and like my drawings, so it’s worth it! But in July I plan to do the same thing but with my zines. Think of it as an adventure, finding random places and leaving your mark of zine greatness.
Oh! And how could I forget the 24 hour zine thing! I will be participating, if you haven’t before it’s definitely worth getting into and creating a zine within 24 hours, winner.
That’s all of I’ve got planned for international zine month, what about you? Make a list or some goals and get them done within July. Try out some things I’ve discussed or put your own twist on them, any way to spread the lovely invention that is zines.


Zine Reviews

I bought today Realia - a zine by hotrodlibrarian.

and must i say, it was a treat.

if you like libraries, this is the zine for you.

i bought this from sticky because it caught my attention from the word library.

annoying customers and librarian stores is what you will find in this little zine

it's worth the dollar fifty to get it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BOO #4


Friday, April 29, 2011

Guys are mates, girls are love.

I identify as queer in order to rule out frustration. I used to be bisexual and actually dated a man for awhile last year. This brought on the idea that I may be pansexual as I was never sexually attracted to men but found some attraction in their personalities and physical features and somewhat what a man can offer a woman emotionally.

I think I was more comforted by the idea of men on a personal level and really finding out whether they are more than their re-productive organs.

I would still call myself pansexual but the relationship with this man did not end great due to me liking girls more than him.

So really, apart from confusion I would call myself a lesbian to prevent further hurt to a male, or plural.

From this understanding I try not to care too much for labels but I am aware that they can bring a lot of people clarity, pan sexuality especially.

I am intrigued by gender queer and transgender, or maybe I just find moustaches on women attractive. I am attracted to androgyny; particularly in women. The scotch drink or the suit and tie fashion – I dig it. I know I wouldn’t like to be a man; I am content in my womanhood. I suppose it’s rather the idea of playing a male role in a girl/girl relationship; cooking them dinner, taking care of them, comforting them, dominating in the bedroom, buying them flowers. I wouldn’t restrict all of these doings to the male role but I am just going on the traditional concepts and maybe that’s sparked from my interest in the 50’s conventional idea of the husband taking care of the wife. I don’t believe in the wife being constricted to the kitchen, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m simply saying I like the idea of the man taking care of the woman and seeing this played out in a lesbian relationship. Of course they are two different things. I guess I just like suiting up, slicking my hair back and being attracted to feminine women as well as the stereotypical dyke.

I would say the idea of gender transitioning is an interesting story in itself for me. Just like I find world war two and animals intriguing but obviously this is on another level to those things.
I would date a person who is transitioning and I accept it openly. I understand it can be confusing for people to recognise but that is why I learn about it as much as I can and try to make people comprehend it better and am all for supporting it in whatever way I can.

In short conclusion, I support and encourage anyone who may come across my words to pursue your instincts and heart. If it be someone struggling with their identity/sexuality or even curious. Don’t be afraid to be the you that YOU are; free and alive. Don’t be afraid and do what makes you happy. You only live once and there’s no point sitting back in fear watching your life roll on by without you. Be free and be proud! Seek these things out and learn for yourself about them, understand and educate yourself. There’s no harm in being curious and there’s nothing wrong with being unsure and confused. I believe our sexuality, our identities are a journey. One step at a time; this is an adventure and you’re in for the ride of your life.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I work on my novel everyday...

...and my mother tells me i have to put my stuff "out there".

well have you ever thought that i don't have anything to put out there?

i doubt it.

This is my "professional" blog i know but i thought i would comment on my mum's comments about zines.

She believes most of them are rot and quote, 'twitter on paper', which is absolute bollocks in my opinion.
we have to fight for our right to be creative for free!!

Apparently she doesnt believe anything is really worth working on unless you are getting widely recognised for it and/or recieving money for it.

this = bullshit.

i'd love to say it but it really is...

do zines for the sake of art,

for the sake of freedom of speech

for the sake of getting to know other people

for the sake of getting noticed even just a little bit

of having fun

of being creative

of letting loose!!!!

Zeenster are defenders of their art everyday and we should continue to defend and fight for the freedom of enjoying what we do, what we love doing, what shapes us and expresses us.

The end.

Tumbleweed Zine Issue 2

SO, one of my drawings is in the new Tumbleweed zine :P its the first drawing in this post. Clearly i didnt think it through and should have done a better job but hey, you can always try better next time. these drawings just above are from a couple of artists also featured in the issue.

You can check out their blogger, tumblr or like them on facebook :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Think of Sparklers Think of clouds Think of fingers Clasped between another’s Think of how Think of when Think of heaven Think of bed This is that moment This is that how This is that heaven This is where you fell Between the cracks Through the clouds Past my fingers In the pits Life

Boo #2

Writing it up now and it should be in Sticky sometime this week!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New (Free) Zine - BOO #1

So i've decided to make a bi-weekly zine!

It's called 'Boo'.

Each week i will write a short poem, make ten copies, put them in envelopes and stock them in sticky!

What drived me to do this is my lack of income to fund my photocopying for my main zines. But it's helped me to start writing poetry again though so i guess that's great!

what has been happening...?

I've been contemplating and pondering a lot about what i would like to do with my life and i've noticed people don't stop at one career so that inspired me because i was always like - photographer! no. Artist! no. Comic book artist! no. but now i could be...

zeenster/poet/writer/artist/freelance photographer/tshirt designer/etc etc etc :)

space is the limit

Thursday, March 31, 2011

i havent blogged in awhile, sorry about that.
I'm lazy and depressed 80% of the time and that wastes a lot of the precious time we have on this earth so i'm trying to change that.
i havent been up to a lot, although i did see the opening of Miso's new solo show last night at No Vacancy Project space in the atrium of fed square, free beer as always yeahhh.
apart from that i've been reading - harry potter, culture on sexuality and comics like spiderman and captain america
also been playing tony hawk's underground on playstation 2, yup, my life isnt all that eventful
i've also been watching it crowd, movies and scrubs, laugh laugh laughs needed.
i have been going through a pile of drawings and writings/poems that have been scribbled/neglected and left over the years and i've finally gotten through both piles so now i'm free to actually work on something from my head, not just from some idea that was scribbled on a piece of paper years ago. that un-motivates me yet excites me at the same time, im not sure...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To you.

1. Gisele - I'll always be here and that's what makes it hurt the most, that my heart refuses to let go of you because it believes this can work. It believes it can mend your heart and your thoughts. I believes it can take your confusion and indecision away, somehow, like magic. My feet walk all over the place but my head is still in this, where it began. It doesn't want to leave because it is, i am, in love with you.

2. Tahlia - I can't wait to see you Monday. I love cinema nova and going back there for the first time this year will be a great joy for me and hopefully for you also. I hope we can be hopless romantics together and run the streets with sparklers. If you're not a hopeless romantic like me, fret not, I will teach you ;)

3. Ivana Stab - I read your zines, I keep track of your tumblr. I plan to send you a package when I grab your new Victoria address from a zine of yours somehow. I'd like to be your friend. I don't have many so I would count it as a fantastic idea. I'm fucked up but aren't we all?

4. Lil - my dearest twin, I love you.

5. To all my fifteen year old friends, especially the ones that have my tumblr - I cannot wait until you reach the age of 18 (and please do) because if i'm not too much of an old man by then I really wanna go out for beers with you guys :) I want to become better friends with you when you mature into young adults because I believe we could have an even better connection than (even though the one we have now is amazin!) we do at the moment. I cannot wait because it will be so radsome to watch you kiddos grow into awesome human units.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I had to get a blood test today and i'm more than certain that it is worse to dread them as opposed to actually receiving one

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna leave a scar. - Marilyn Manson

People can read everything and not believe anything.
There's so much more to life than these four walls

Friday, March 11, 2011


Last year I went to this and still have the fresh memory of dancing to Yves Klein Blue and it being fun and awesome. I also got my mosh on a bit to Behind Crimson Eyes and I think Carpathian also, was radsome.

But THIS YEAR, I look forward to having fun with my best friend, Quinton, who i went with last year. I'm also looking forward to Last Dinosaurs in the hope that they play 'Honolulu'because it's such a groovy song. The rest I'm just looking for a good time :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friggin Mad Ass Artist Part 4

I recieved a zine by this person through a ten dollar grab bag from Bird In The Hand zine shop. Awesome!

I did get my rsa by the way :)

World's Greatest Shave: Part One - Shaving.

So I used to have a 'sort of'' mohawk.
My hair was shaved like a mohawk but it wasnt thin enough to put up
But this time i went ahead and shaved it thinner and shaved my over grown sides also!
And now i have a proper mohawk!

I'll be bleaching it and dyeing it later today :)

will keep you updated ^.^

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hopefully getting my RSA tonight :) :) :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Scanner is Officially Crap.

Just something I've been working on the last couple of weeks


(I do not know why i was typing like that)
I bought Rabid Rabbits from Sticky Zine Fair but received Millenial Monsters inthe mail last week including a free sticker and badge which made it even more exciting having gotten mail!!!
If you are a fan of comics I suggest you check out both of them. They're very much worth the small dollars to purchase them off Frank's etsy :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

ah geez it didnt come out clear enough

This is my 'business card'. I like to leave it on trams, trains and even public toilets and anywhere else i may be and then leave ten minutes later :P

Sunday, February 13, 2011


So the zine fair was AWESOME.
I met Ivana Stab, creater of ''Watch him bleed'' and the past ''feels like friday''. She has actually moved down here to Melbourne from NSW!!! too cool.
I also met Chloe Venom, maker of ''Hello Stupid'' zine. I bought issue one and LOVED IT.
Tim Train, Orange, Aaron Matthew and heaps of cool people were there and i had soo much fun.

I still have copies left over from the day so i will be stocking them in Sticky soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Random and fun goodness

Gotta enjoy Adult Swim Games ;)

Crystal Castles, January 28th.

Some Bruises and A Nice long Scab are the souvenirs I have taken away from the gig.

I saw the wonderful Alice (even though she had broken her ankle) at The Palace theatre in Melbourne. It was hot, shouldn't have dressed up ( docs, stockings, short shorts, shirt, vest and bowler hat) lol...

BUT, they did play Crimewave and i discovered that jumping/moshing to CC is funnnnnn, although i did feel like i was suffocating at one point. ha, mad.


Worlds Greatest Shave 2011

Worlds Greatest Shave 2011
SO I'm participating in this, yeah!!

I will be shaving the sides of my head and dying the top of it...I'm not sure what colour to dye it yet so if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to comment on this post ;)

This procedure will be occurring on the first day of the event WGS which is the 10th of March.

If you would like to sponsor me feel free or obliged to click on 'World's Greatest Shave 2011' that is at the top of this post (not the title).

Thankyou for reading and i urge you to also be a bad-ass and shave/colour :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Job Update

Had a follow up interview today with BP petrol station/wild bean cafe.
The previous sales job did not work out....yeahhh.
But this is a part-time job 20 minutes from where i live PLUS i recieve barista training :)
I hear back sometime next week i think



Want some groovy ass tshirts?

Get them here.

The link goes straight to their clearance page

you can get $5 tees!

I have a small obsession for Computer Games

Just a poem I wrote

Don't waste away
Don't waste a day
Pulling your teeth
Fighting for expression, for understanding.

Don't waste away
Don't waste a day
Screaming with your eyes
Screaming for air, for clarity

Don't waste away
Don't waste a day

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kirsten Lepore. Awesome.

Check her out HERE. I suggest you have a peek at all her clips too ;) 'Bottle' is one of my favourites :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update on the Job Search


I landed a job with a company called 'the SMART group'.
Located in East Richmond it's not that bad to get to
I'm a sales representative for Simply Energy, door to door sales selling people electricity!
haha yeahh i'm going to be one of those annoying people that come to your door
it's good pay though and full time
Just a little nervous about the selling to people part
but that will come with practice and time!!!

i start tomorrow :)

will give a post about how my first day went


Saturday, January 8, 2011

shall i shan't i?

make a top-notch mad as cool grouse comic for the next edition of going down swinging?

i'm such a wishful thinker.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

friggin mad ass artists Part 3


Etsy for the win

you got it, who doesn't enjoy etsy.

Soooo many good things on it.


Just a few things i like about the site :)

Art Prints :D

Patches :)

I bought this radsome biplane necklace yesterday so i CANNOT WAIT TO RECIEVE it. i have a small obsession with flying ;)


It's finally coming. zine mania being held in Melbourne City Degraves Subway, next month and i have a table booked!

I'm fairly excited.

see program and information here. :)