Monday, November 1, 2010

Ladybeard 2

i dont think i did a review on the first issue of this but let me just say that issue 2 is definitely worth getting a hold of!! Maddy named Bastian Fox Francis Phelan is on a journey, discovering new things about themselves, let alone their body in itself.
They take us on a trip through transgender, the lines or non existent lines between gender identity, wether beards make you male or female etc etc.
I find it all extremely interesting and a great pleasure to read. I respect Bastian so much for coming up with such courage to write a zine about all this, and i wish them more adventures to come!!

Ladybeard can be purchased at Sticky

Peace peace peace,


  1. I love Ladybeard. (You might want to check out Bastian's preferences on pronouns though). xo

  2. oh of course! wow i didnt even notice that. thinking ima edit it ;) thanks for that yeahh xox