Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worlds Greatest Shave 2011

Worlds Greatest Shave 2011
SO I'm participating in this, yeah!!

I will be shaving the sides of my head and dying the top of it...I'm not sure what colour to dye it yet so if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to comment on this post ;)

This procedure will be occurring on the first day of the event WGS which is the 10th of March.

If you would like to sponsor me feel free or obliged to click on 'World's Greatest Shave 2011' that is at the top of this post (not the title).

Thankyou for reading and i urge you to also be a bad-ass and shave/colour :)



  1. How brave are you going to be with the headshave part? But, based on your new Facebook image, still leave some floppiness on top otherwise you might end up looking like a punkrockchick.... I can see you with a dark burgundy as the main colour and on either side, a very thin line of bold yellow...see it?

    Leukaemia is part of my family's medical history and my mother died from a version of it, amongst other things (death is rarely that simple...). So, good to see you wanting to do something for it...will check out the website and see if I can sponsor you. Cheers! :< )

  2. hehe ;) i like punk rock chicks. hmm i think i can see that, sounds snazzy!!
    yeah? mm..well just doing what i can :)