Thursday, May 12, 2011

International Zine Month

Its international zine month in July and you know what that means? FUN; tons of it.
Now, I figure since some of you may or may not know what this entails or what to get up to, fret not, I have looked it up and found some things everyone can do, BIG or small. I personally will be getting my hands dirty by making some zine t-shirts! I used to make personal t-shirts a few years ago with my own designs but I though I would come up with some groovy zine related designs and put them on a t-shirt or jumper. It’s fun if you like stencilling, or if you just like to use a paintbrush. The trick is to buy some fabric paint or if you can’t find some, go to your local art store, buy some normal acrylic paint and mix it with some textile medium that should be stocked there also.
With a little help from Alex Wrekk - the champion zeenster - on her site that is nicely named “international Zine Month” I have come up with an idea to also make some badges in participation with international zine month. I suggest that we gather together on a day in July at Sticky and come up with some rad badge ideas to make! Sound delightful?
If that’s not your thing maybe you can do something within your local library by starting a zine library - or donate to one already in existence - or holding a workshop, a zine reading or a zinefest.
Another thing Alex suggests is to write a letter to every zine you read. Now I believe if anyone’s collection of zines compares to mine, that is a lot of letters. But this isn’t a new idea for me, I’m sure you –like myself – write letters to zeensters all the time. But for international zine month I’m going to make it a goal to send more out nonetheless! Also trades! Don’t we love them? Trades are a brilliant idea to do in July – not to mention every month anyway- and maybe even meet someone new and awesome!
I don’t blog on my zine blog a lot but if you do have one, maybe try what I’m doing and post some zine reviews. It’s always nice to get your mind jogging on some vocabulary and zine-age.
If you are working on a new issue of your zine why not make it a goal to release it in July? I am currently working on my 8th issue of chasing hot air balloons and my 3rd issue of Scribbler, so I aim to have them out by July.
I got the idea of ‘crafternoons’ from Amber Forrester who makes the amazing culture slut and fight boredom zines. The idea is to get a bunch of friends together to be creative, cutting and pasting, making zines, making drawings and simply being creative and having fun, getting to know the art side of your friends. So do it! Whether it is double digits or just you and your best friend, either way you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself.
Something I like to make a habit of is leaving my ‘business’ cards at random places. My business card is basically a metlink card with my contact numbers and sites/email on it but fret not, someone may come across it and like my drawings, so it’s worth it! But in July I plan to do the same thing but with my zines. Think of it as an adventure, finding random places and leaving your mark of zine greatness.
Oh! And how could I forget the 24 hour zine thing! I will be participating, if you haven’t before it’s definitely worth getting into and creating a zine within 24 hours, winner.
That’s all of I’ve got planned for international zine month, what about you? Make a list or some goals and get them done within July. Try out some things I’ve discussed or put your own twist on them, any way to spread the lovely invention that is zines.


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