Thursday, March 31, 2011

i havent blogged in awhile, sorry about that.
I'm lazy and depressed 80% of the time and that wastes a lot of the precious time we have on this earth so i'm trying to change that.
i havent been up to a lot, although i did see the opening of Miso's new solo show last night at No Vacancy Project space in the atrium of fed square, free beer as always yeahhh.
apart from that i've been reading - harry potter, culture on sexuality and comics like spiderman and captain america
also been playing tony hawk's underground on playstation 2, yup, my life isnt all that eventful
i've also been watching it crowd, movies and scrubs, laugh laugh laughs needed.
i have been going through a pile of drawings and writings/poems that have been scribbled/neglected and left over the years and i've finally gotten through both piles so now i'm free to actually work on something from my head, not just from some idea that was scribbled on a piece of paper years ago. that un-motivates me yet excites me at the same time, im not sure...

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