Thursday, April 28, 2011

I work on my novel everyday...

...and my mother tells me i have to put my stuff "out there".

well have you ever thought that i don't have anything to put out there?

i doubt it.

This is my "professional" blog i know but i thought i would comment on my mum's comments about zines.

She believes most of them are rot and quote, 'twitter on paper', which is absolute bollocks in my opinion.
we have to fight for our right to be creative for free!!

Apparently she doesnt believe anything is really worth working on unless you are getting widely recognised for it and/or recieving money for it.

this = bullshit.

i'd love to say it but it really is...

do zines for the sake of art,

for the sake of freedom of speech

for the sake of getting to know other people

for the sake of getting noticed even just a little bit

of having fun

of being creative

of letting loose!!!!

Zeenster are defenders of their art everyday and we should continue to defend and fight for the freedom of enjoying what we do, what we love doing, what shapes us and expresses us.

The end.

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